Workshops by Track

Education tracks offer a series of workshops for individuals who want to take a deeper dive on a specific topic. The tracks include several workshops that increase your level of understanding as you attend each workshop.
Thought Leadership
Significant return on investment and overcoming industry challenges with specific product solutions is the focus of the Thought Leadership track. These educational sessions showcase how organizations implemented specific solutions that positively impacted their bottom line.
Payroll Processing
This essential track presents topics critical to the efficient operation of the payroll process. Subjects range from internal controls to electronic payment methods and reconciliations.
Payroll Compliance Tools
Is your goal to have a penalty-free payroll? In this track you will learn how to identify compliance issues and resolve them before your organization is subject to penalties.
Wage Payments and Deductions
This track presents topics critical to ensuring that employees are paid accurately. Subjects range from regular rate of pay and handling overpayments to child support and other mandatory deductions.
Wage Payments and Deductions: Basics
This track presents topics critical to ensuring that employees are paid accurately. Subjects range from regular rate of pay and handling overpayments to child support and other mandatory deductions.
U.S. Taxation and Forms
This track presents topics essential to the understanding of U.S. payroll taxation and reporting compliance. Subjects range from third-party sick pay to multi-state taxation.
Government Affairs
This track is for professionals involved in maintaining compliance. These sessions provide a thorough review of legislative and regulatory updates; explore the expansion of electronic forms, filing and reporting; and include the latest from the IRS, SSA, DOL, and other government agencies.
Industry Specific Forums
Are you in a special industry or have a special interest? These forums discuss the hot topics and the unique issues of special interest to practitioners in a variety of trades and industries.
Benefits and Compensation
This track is for professionals looking for best practices and trends in the field of benefits and compensation, including the latest on fringe benefits, stock options, cafeteria plans, and nonqualified deferred compensation plans.
This track is ideal for executives, vice presidents, directors, and managers in payroll, finance, HR, and technology. Topics include metrics, best practices, change management, outsourcing, global perspectives, and techniques to help you and your organization reach world-class performance.
Global Forums
These forums explore a wide spectrum of payroll, taxation, and related issues from a global perspective. Topics include paying nonresident aliens, foreign nationals, and expatriates; international employee data privacy; and global risk management.
Global Payroll: Country-by-Country
Is your organization expanding globally? In this track you will learn the wage and hour and taxation requirements of selected countries.
Expatriate Payrolls
Are you paying U.S. citizens or resident aliens working outside of the United States? This track will provide you the information to ensure you are taxing and reporting wages and fringe benefits correctly. You will learn when to withhold and report income, social security and Medicare taxes.
Accounts Payable
This is the essential track for accounts payable professionals and anyone who interfaces with AP. These sessions cover processes and practices critical to a successful accounts payable operation. Topics include Forms 1099-MISC and W-9 as well as internal controls, automation, and technology.
This track is designed for IT, HRIS, and payroll professionals and those who interact with them. These sessions cover the latest technology, such as paycards, electronic forms, and self-service Internet portals, as well as information security and emerging technology trends.
Organization and Personal Management
For anyone seeking insights and perspective on a range of timely issues. This track offers vast options for enhancing your interpersonal skill set, furthering your professional development, expanding your leadership potential, and advancing your career.
Leadership Excellence Series
A premier professional development track for all leaders, and those who aspire to become leaders. By attending all of the workshops in this track, you will earn a Certificate of Completion.
Power Hour
Get the afternoon underway with a brisk Power Hour session.